Dangerous Activities

One should neve go to a fruit tree orchard open day after already placing an order for fruit trees. It’s not that you get disappointed that you wish you’d ordered this one over that one. It’s more that you discover you need these new ones as well as the ones you’ve already ordered!

Pear name tag
this pear was a stunning maroon red

After last year not planting any fruit trees (just didn’t happen – lots else did) I was determined to get an order in to Woodbridge Fruit Trees early in the season as they sell out quickly of some varieties. I had my list written ready to go when orders opened and snaffled:

  1. Kentish Cherry
  2. Opalescent Apple
  3. Prune Splendour Plum
  4. De Vrajna Quince
  5. Fullers Quince
  6. Moorpark Apricot (we need a third one don’t we?)
  7. Ziegler Plum
  8. Bonne de Maline Pear
  9. Almond
  10. Sugarloaf Pippin Apple

Okay, that’s ten. I’d remembered 9.


Court of Wick Bonza Apple

Jim Reilly Apple Kidds Orange Red

After the open day we needed:

  1. Court Of Wick Apple
  2. Burwood Apple
  3. Bonza Apple
  4. Jim Reilly Apple
  5. Kidd’s Orange Red Apple
  6. Beurre D’Anjou Pear
  7. Doyenne Du Comice Pear
  8. Belle De Boskoop Apple
  9. Flemish Beauty Pear

Hmm. I’d remembered 7 from the second order. 19 rather than 16 spaces we need.


From the open day we learnt lots about espaliering and training apples and pears in particular. I’ve been reading the articles on the Woodbridge site and getting various books from the library and digging into some books we already had. Robin’s been reading about tensioning wires and posts.

Pears Espaliered Apples in Cordon Opalescent Apple

We’ve been eyeing off the inside of the front fence, the side fence at the bottom of the garden near the blackcurrants, the nature strip over the back fence.

Quinces will go out the back as we figure they are less susceptible to the neighbourhood kids raiding the trees. Peaches and nectarines along the fence near the driveway as they get protection and sun.

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