2010-11 Tomato Season Roundup

This summer was exceptionally mild and un-tomato-y.

We bought our tomato plants at the sale held by the Friends of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens on 18/9/2010 which is quite early for Tasmanian tomatoes. They lived in the newly built greenhouse until the first ones were planted out on 22-24 October being Show Day weekend into C4. Others were planted out on 20-21 November into C1 and on the side fence. Wire cages to support the tomatoes were used to simplify tying them up.

Despite being planted out a month apart, Stupice and Victoria fruited within a week or so of each other.

Ones to Repeat

Victoria – 2nd earliest to ripen, table and bottling fruit, nice eating and ideal for grilling, lasted well through the season, still bearing in April.

Tomatoes from the garden

A mixed selection - ready to made into sauce and passata

Stupice – 1st to ripen in greenhouse (and only about 10 days behind the Newcastle competition!), small to medium pointed fruit, lower seed to flesh ratio, lower juice, keeps well off plant, still bearing in April.

Mortgage Lifter – mid to late season, medium/large fruit, beefsteak (but not field) shape, later season.

Hungarian Mobile – needs more staking/ cage training, large plant, mid season fruit.

Don’t bother next year

Azochyka – overly large yellow field tomato, skin marked badly, mild flavour.

Black Russian – perhaps a victim of mild summer but flavour not very tomato-y, very soft almost mealy flesh

Zogola – short season, peach coloured, moderate yield.

To investigate further

A staking cherry tomato to be planted close to path for easy picking

A yellow table tomato

A ‘paste’ tomato


Overall - add more compost (as always), stake wire cages using hardwood stakes, plant into C2 and C3 next year, move side fence planting downhill to avoid disease buildup as I’ve used that spot quite a bit now.


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