Which of these ones is not like the other one?

We have three pear trees of varying ages in the backyard. Something has obviously confused the Winter Cole. It didn’t have a single flower this year. Pears can be rather biennial in their fruit bearing, but this is dramatic. Compare and contrast:

Which of these pear treees is not like the other one?


20th Century Nashi, Winter Cole, Williams

Much of the blossom of the nashi is actually hiding under the leaves. The Williams had a rest year for the 2012 harvest, only about 10 kilos of fruit which was good as we were still eating the bottled fruit from a bumper harvest in 2011 up until a month ago. That tree must be about 10-12 years old.

The Winter Cole is in the sunnier spot of the three, and was planted in the same year as the Nashi about 3 years ago. For a while I wondered if it might be the close proximity of the rabbit cage (and their droppings), but the Nashi has had them alongside for much longer. There has been quite a bit of green growth on the Winter Cole to make up for the lack of blossom.

Ideas anyone?

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