Harvest and Preserve

After a hiatus over summer, we have started preserving again. Presently we have several boxes of tomato passata and concentrate, some mexican chilli (mince & beans), jam and apple butter waiting to be labelled and tucked under the house.

Tonight’s dinner included the late summer delight – the humble zucchini – after a hiatus of a couple of weeks they are producing again.

Sunday brought a morning of soaking rain and it was the right phase of the moon so I stocked up on a bunch of brassica,celery and lettuce seedlings from Hobart Kitchen Gardens at the farmer’s market. By the time I planted out in the afternoon I needed a sunhat. Only one cabbage seedling was victim of the turkeys. They are getting over the knee high fences into the vegie beds and annoying me I must say. I think the solution is to look at fencing the perimeter of the vegie garden and getting the chooks to concentrate on the areas under the fruit trees. Walking in the garden tonight everything I planted is looking happy and settled.

Not my frog - but something like this

Something that Milly the cat has shown me – we have frogs again in the garden. I know this because she very carefully catches them and brings them inside. Last week I thought there was a ball of fluff on the floor at the foot of the bed. It was a frog that had been under the bed. Must vacuum more often. If the cat didn’t kill the frog, the dust surely would. When I picked it up the frog blinked at me so I popped it back outside in the waterplants. The one she brought in on Sunday night was shrieking! That too was untouched so returned to outside. I haven’t yet paused to take a photo as the cats are too interested.

Note to self: must get out in the garden with the camera.

2 thoughts on “Harvest and Preserve

  1. Go little froggie! we have those frogs too – heaps of them. they sound wonderful when it rains and when you walk outside at night they are hopping everywhere to get away from you! Hugo (cat) isn’t interested in them thankfully – too lazy. Well done with your frogatorium!

  2. ‘Tis the season to be froggie! I too have had them inside and I don’t have a cat. Perhaps your cats aren’t bringing them in – perhaps they are lap-frogs that like to live indoors. Suggest leaving the Muppets video on while you’re at work and doing a frog count when you get home.