Summer Update

There’s been little activity in the garden over the past month really. I’ve been a little distracted by my obsession re-found love of sewing and quite a few trips away.

Picking beans and zucchinis for dinner and encouraging the tomatoes to ripen with kind words. Playing with the hose, badged as ‘watering the garden’.

Admiring the pumpkin which has made it’s home on top of the straw shed so we can admire it from the kitchen window. Sighing at how dry it is over on the back bank where the pumpkins over there will not be doing much at all other than faking near death regularly. The trees in their giant holes filled with compost are doing so much better. Just a case of more organic matter needed, so we will keep putting compost out there and do some mulching sometime. Next summer should be better. The pumpkins on the side of the driveway are doing a lot better than last year – they have had another year of compost and mulch and watering so it is possible.


The corn is growing by the day and started to form cobs and spikes on top.
Last night I planted out and potted on the seedlings from my 30 December seed planting. The beans, spring onions and peas were ready to go out, the silver beet just about. Most of the others (brassicas, basil, lettuce etc) got potted on to develop some more size before being subjected to the vagaries of my attention. The thing I found most interesting about planting out into the garden beds? There’s quite a few pockets in the garden beds for the next round of planting. Which means we have the space to continue the earlier than normal (for us) plant out of autumn/winter veg supplies. In past years we’ve struggled with the cross over time between summer and later seasons meaning the broccoli has gone in far too late in previous years to get to a decent size. Adding the extra garden space is really going to show it’s benefits in autumn.

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