End of Year Planting

Planting 30/12/2011


an assortment of herbs, salad greens, beans and starting on the first of the winter veg.

None have come up yet – what do you mean its only been a couple of days?


those few days have been hot and sunny so we finally got around to putting the hand-me-down shadecloth from A&B up on top of the chicken shed for more shade. It had ripped through the middle. Also as we went to piece it together Robin remembered he’d taken a piece out of it. Ah well, it is probably a better shape a bit smaller anyhow.
Outdoor Sewing
I set up the sewing machine on the deck to give me space to work. A big needle and some topstitching thread worked well to make a new and improved shadecloth. We’ve attached it to the shed in a way that means it can be removed when the sun eases in a month or so.


In other news – we tidied up the expired snow peas from near the new peaches and nectarine down the side and gave the trees a light shaping prune. We also pruned gently the prune plum around the front which is having one, count it, one plum.


Very exciting – the almond has finally broken into leaf. Only several months after we were expecting it to. That means there was only one casualty from the mass fruit tree planting in winter – the Flemish Beauty pear which will need to be replaced next year.

Zucchini have started, as have the beans. The pumpkins are flowering – the one we planted near the straw shed is now climbing on it’s roof with a bit of encouragement. The corn is about 90cm tall and we are hopeful of a few good feeds from that. Yum.

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