Hard Rubbish scavenging

The collection was a few weeks back. Down the street a house has been sold and it is being renovated. They’d put out an old steel bath. Which we carried for a bit, then rolled up the hill with steel poles underneath. Nearly killed us, but we got it up the street (uphill of course), down the slope of the nature strip and in the gate tilted on its side. Now it is home to a worm farm.

Hard Rubbish Collection Find - Fruit netting structure
We put some broken up concrete out for collection out our back gate. Also the old stairs from the deck which were well and truly dodgy.

Then our neighbours across the road added to our pile as they’d run out of space on their front entrance. Including the frame from a swinging seat. It is now a fruit netting frame for the blueberries – it was the perfect width, and already a nice faded green colour so it disappears. And it is just right height for smacking the top of your head if you don’t watch where you are going. Nice of them to carry it across the road! They must have known…

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