#Tub10 Treadmill

Well, once you say you’re going to do a tub of weeds/ over-enthusiastic plants a day for ten days, you have to keep going. Even if it is nearly dark on a cold night! I know enough now to focus in on the easy pickings like the parsnips that still lurk, and the parsley that is growing ginormous and getting ready to bolt to seed. I need the space anyhow, which is what this is all about in the bigger picture, not the ‘weeds’ as such.

Yes, the chicken in the back *is* that much bigger

Earlier in the ten days I was averaging about 5 minutes to fill a 45 litre plastic tub. Yesterday I decided to spend some time doing more detailed work on a circle I’d rough cleared on Thursday (along with about 4 other tubs of stuff from other circles). The chickens had been bribed with a scattering of grain to get in there and help in the interim. They’d enjoyed picking out the tender greens still left, and chasing invisible-to-me treasures of seeds and bugs. I’ve been watching what they go for as well – chervil will get replanted as a chicken green, whereas parsley is wasted on them, but loved by the rabbits. On Saturday I totally forgot though. On Sunday morning I realised, so caught up with another tub for my troubles.


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