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From Friday night through to Monday night I made 3 pairs of Clover trousers, using an adjusted-for-me version of a lovely Colette pattern. I love the small pocket tucked in between the waistband and main fabric. The middle one is neater than it looks, I got tired of ironing properly by the end.

The first real pair was in a very soft drapey¬† black fabric. I’d adjusted the original legs a bit, but found in the really soft fabric they were more loose than I wanted with the other 2 fabrics, so I made a final version of the pattern and sewed the two grey pairs at the same time. This production line sewing saves time and more importantly, brain power – you read the pattern instructions once for a step and use it twice, rather than pinning on the zip the wrong way every single time, you can do it properly on the second pair *before* sewing it in place.¬† I’d estimate it took me about 30% more time to sew two pairs than one. All the same colours used for the seams which made the difference. The colours are closer than they look here.

Notes to self: fabric requirements for Clover are a lot less than the recommended, or perhaps my inches to metres conversion was off. I also used a lightweight fabric as the waistband facing to lessen the bulk. The one major construction change I made was simply overlocking the bottom edge of the waist facing and understitching on to that rather than turning under the facing seam allowance. With the first, slippery fabric the recommended method just didn’t work for me.

In related news I sewed up the fallen hem of favourite skirt that had been languishing in the ironing basket. Wore that to work today and remembered why I liked it so much.

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