#Sew10 and #Art10

The idea: Ten days, some attention each day to the chosen area. Sewing for me, Art for Robin.

Yesterday – my “warm up” day where I took up two pairs of trousers for Zac and made attempts to repair the gaping holes in his jeans.

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Credit - ElliGill

Today for me – replacing the broken invisible zipper in a speckled grey skirt I had made many moons ago by one of the Diploma of Fashion students at TAFE. Each year, the Fashion area would put out the call for guinea pigs willing to have a student measure them, not stick pins in them, come back several times for fittings and at the end of the process receive a custom made garment for the cost of the fabric and notions. While I went through some time of not sewing, this was a wonderful treat to have someone do the hard work, and tackle projects I wouldn’t have done myself – fitted trousers anyone?

I still wear several of the pieces regularly – a couple of silk tops, the grey skirt under repair (only becauce I wore it out, not because of any defect in its construction), and there’s a dress with the cutest summerbund covered in ravens I look at and wish I could fit into still. After a while they didn’t offer the course anymore due to changing enrolments and courses. At the end of a recent year, I once got asked to come down and be measured by a series of students so they could practice taking measurements for different types of garments, and practice their client interactions and compare notes for accuracy.

Warning: Long story ahead, go make a cup of tea and come back if you really want to read my rambling… I won’t be offended.

Having to go into Spotlight in town used to drive me insane. Now that I allocate a good 15 minutes of the trip inside the doors to stand in a queue waiting to be served, its got a lot easier on my nerves. I put it down to understaffing – measuring and cutting fabric and advising on fabric, patterns and things like lining and interfacing is not quick if it is to be done well, and why they only have one register and eftpos terminal, when the cutting benches are set up for 4 staff, makes no sense to me. So buying fabric was not attractive. The start of the process was too painful.

Back in March when I went to Sydney I went to Lincraft with the aim of buying some fabric to make a garment while I was on long service leave. And the bug got me. One day in the meditation retreat I drew detailed pictures of the decorative shoulder of the shirt sitting in front of me. I spent a day in Newcastle and tried on some skirts which didn’t quite fit right, and thought “I could make that”. And made a deal with myself that I would. On my trip back through Sydney on the way home, I had an unplanned day (planned to be unplanned if that makes sense?) and headed out to Tessuti in Chatswood. Oh dear! Some gorgeous orange dotty skirt fabric, and some plain orange linen to be a highlight. And a remant of white shirt linen about 2 metres long. Not sure how that qualifies as a remnant but I’m not complaining!  I came home, made a dress and discovered the overlocker was so seized up from sitting in the cupboard it wouldn’t turn full stop. A little WD40 made it move enough to gnash its teeth together in nasty ways. It’s happier now a proper sewing machine mechanic has looked at it, twiddled its knobs, sharpened its teeth and straightened its spine.

Fast forward to the last few weeks.

The orange dotty fabric is now a skirt. I went into to Spotlight to get some interfacing and came out with blue fabric for a skirt and a  grey knit for a cowl neck top. And sat down on a Friday with terrible weather and sewed.

The little wooden table I scrounged off Freecycle ages ago has now had its top sanded and oiled and is officially the home of the sewing machine and overlocker.

You Sew Girl has to be the best sewing book I’ve come across in a while. Just a little bit biased because of my love for wide or cowl neck tops. I bought it for this top alone!

Trapeze Line Top from You Sew Girl Book

And #Sew10 commences…

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