Subversion in the Suburbs

Two weekends ago I mulched the fruit trees we’ve planted on the back nature strip and felt kind of shifty while doing it. Last summer we planted a couple of pumpkins on the fence line and that didn’t feel too much like we were infringing on shared space. I figure we’ve stretched out the space we are responsible for, and I’m keeping an eye on when it needs whippersnippering a bit more carefully than I used to. And if people eat a couple of apricots, well and good.

Ages ago I spoke with the local council and they said as long as we didn’t put a new driveway across or block the view for traffic we were OK to use the space. Earlier in this year I dug through the council planning regulations and could not find any restrictions about planting – although I did find rules and regulations about not being allowed to remove trees from the nature strip.
So ours are there to stay now :-)
For about 2 -3 months we’ve had a pile of carpet underlay out there covered by a tarp too. And no-one’s complained about that either. Maybe they’re worried about upsetting the crazy people?!

When I walked home from work on a Thursday I noticed the same-same nature of the front gardens through Newtown/Mt Stuart. Some lawn, a feature tree or two, some with flowerbeds. I reflected that our front yard takes a similar amount of space, and will give us some tasty fruit too. Once the espaliered trees grow more, they will become more decorative. At the moment they are short twigs with sparse leaves. Progressively I’ve spread a bit more mulch out there and planted more strawberries. So our front yard is still quite ‘decorative’ but also hopefully productive. I was nearly out of suburban Mt Stuart  when I finally spotted a edible front yard – in amongst more traditional garden beds were two raised vegie garden beds, one full of garlic – cooks in that house for sure! The following week, I spotted another front yard vegie planting – broccoli that time.

The side path linking the front to the back now has a better turkey barricade – while I was inside one day, they’d dug about 10 of the strawberry plants up – some were even tossed down onto the path. Many rude words later, the barricade is better, and the strawberries replanted.

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