Brassicas as a breather

With dinner in the slowcooker, I headed outside after work to plant out the brassicas that had waited a little too long in the greenhouse.

Into C6, under the clothesline, and side of driveway went a mix of caulis, purple and green broccoli and red savoy cabbage. I’d prepped the ground and holes the day before adding a scoop of compost where needed, and watering in well before the predicted showers over night. C6 is a dry bed – the fruit trees uphill swallow most of the water.


Harvest: pinkeyes and dutch creams to go with the Greek lamb stew. The chickens were falling over themselves to try and get into the spud circle as there were worms galore. Will clear the straw mulch on the weekend and plant some spinach and rocket to take advantage of the spot before it gets too cool and shaded. This is the circle in between the two orchard apple trees.

Just about ready – the red fuji and red delicious. Massive crop on the red fuji this year.Bountiful pears

Pears – 5 more bottles last night bringing the total to 31, also Zac made the most amazing crumble with brown sugar and almond meal.


Ginger Beer – our first batch bottled and sitting in the sun (optimistic? clouds more likely) on the bench.

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