Circle Planting Combos

The wind is tearing around the house today so posting about the garden rather than getting my hands dirty…


I've been working out what we will plant for the main summer vegie garden, and finally doing something I've been thinking about for a while  – plotting combinations of vegies that are reasonable companions, also allowing for a record so I can do some crop rotations into the future. I'm not going to call them guilds as that seems to imply a greater degree of combination, multiple families, and wisdom, ha!

A: Tomato, Basil, Parsley, Broccoli or Cabbage

B: Carrots, Spring Onions, Capsicum, Red Salad Onions

C: Salad Greens – Lettuce, Rocket, Spinach, Beetroot, Coriander, Dill

D: Bush Beans, Lettuce, Borage, Celery, Carrots

E: Corn, Spinach at edges to start with

F: Zucchini & Cucumber, Chamomile, something with flowers to attract bees

G: Climbing Beans or Peas, Cabbage, Leafy greens, Borage, Carrots

H: Potatoes

I: Pumpkin

I've separated out the climbing and bush beans so that it is easy to allocate to a space with trellis of some kind.

Lots of carrots to ensure supply through the seasons.

My goal is not to plant everything all at once as that would mean everything ripening at once also.

This plan will get tweaked further – I noticed this morning that the Lost Seed packets have good/bad companion information listed on them too, including many more herbs than I have listed.

The other thing I noticed this morning is that the only seed I now need to buy will likely be Corn, everything else seems covered.

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