Spring Weather

The beautiful apricot blossom is out, and thus the windy spring weather comes and 'thins' the crop. Last year we agreed we needed to thin out the fruit more to protect against brown rot on the apricot trees. Also we promised the apricot trees we would prune them once their sap started moving. The wind took care of the first item, and we pruned the bottom apricot tree on Saturday morning. Above the blossom there were long whippy growths about 5-6 foot tall which we lopped off. And that tree looks comfortable again. The shape of the tree makes it possible to climb up inside it which made pruning easier.


A bonus this weekend was the free green waste disposal at the local council tip. After we emptied the trailer which was jam packed with about 6 months of tree prunings, we refilled it with mulch – $10 for a cubic metre. Bonus upper body workout shifting it to the front garden when we got home. The rain yesterday has washed away some of the stink too. Ewww – smelt like compost with fish waste. Cheap though. That'll be my garden job this coming weekend – spreading out the wee mountains of mulch and pulling out/ burying some of the emergent weeds.


The chickens are averaging 4 eggs a day at the moment. And I'm saving the small ones (about 25 grams each) for an egg curry as part of a dinner with friends on Friday night. Should be decorative.
‘scuse the mud on the eggs – it’s been damp here and the chooks have muddy feet.

First eggs for late winter 2011

Also – go buy a pressure cooker. Seriously. Lamb Tagine in 25 minutes? Deliciously tender and flavoursome.

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