Front Garden Rejuvenation

In digging the holes for the fruit trees soon to take over the front garden we had to clear a few things out of the way. Strawberries are easily replaced with the stockpile of plants in the back yard. The bulbs are fairly hardy so any we dug up got tucked out of the way or into a bag for Mum. The hellebores were more carefully lifted out of the way and replanted. The dahlias I don't really like so they went into a cardboard box on the front footpath with a sign.


And people have been taking them too! I realised on Sunday that putting them into some plastic bags would make it easier for people to take them away, and we came home from work today to find another bag gone. Success!

So, onto the major work of the weekend. 20 fruit trees planted out. We think that brings us to 43 fruit trees. We've run out of fingers and toes to count them on between two of us.

Holes waiting for their trees

Aligned across the front fence the pattern is green apple/ green pear/ red apple/ red pear/ green apple/ green pear/ red apple/ red pear. If I'd been going overboard I would have also arranged them in order of fruiting :-)
These plants still have their labels on but I must record the varieties next weekend and draw a plan out of the front garden.

Planting out

Milly the kitten managed to wake long enough from her afternoon nap to come and have a look around at the work. In the right of the photo you can see the other holes for two russet and two more red apples in the middle of the garden bed. Behind the daffodils in the middle of the frame is the black genoa fig.

Newly planted apple

Most of the apple and pear trees are a single vertical which don't photograph well. Once the trellis wires are in place we will prune to develop the desired shapes. The front garden looks a bit like a bomb has hit it – a big load of mulch and some strategic replanting of strawberries will help everything look in place.

Back Nature Strip planting

Out on the back nature strip. From l – r De Vrajna Quince, Kentish Cherry, Fullers Quince and out of shot more to the right an almond. We figured that these would be the least attractive fruit to passers-by. These holes were dug back at the start of April when Tim ad his digger came to dig holes and trenches for the chookshed. Two holes were filled with compost and two with litter from the chicken shed. Both types had rotted down well, and were packed with worms, although the compost more so. If I were in a spot to plant more trees this is definitely something I would do again. It will be interesting to see how the trees do out there. There is one tree that got potted on – the moorpark apricot, as it will go against the back fence where the great pile of underlay is currently residing. It might be a few months before that tree's hole sees daylight again. It  will complete the nice row of apricots against the back fence.

Bacon Smoking

And the perfect thing to do while outside for the afternoon. Dad took over responsibility for the smoker. Based on the flavour he now has a new job. It was such a pleasure to share the afternoon with Mum and Dad – and led to a delicious feast together. Always good to feed the volunteers!

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