Holes are dug!

We've dug 14 holes in the front garden, 1 more over the back fence. This involved pulling out  an ornamental currant that we've tried to kill several times, an abelia and a yellow flowering thing from the front garden. The foliage went back in April when there was a green rubbish collection.

Abelia in flower

Getting the abelia and currant out nearly killed us – at one stage Robin was on the footpath poking a seven foot crowbar through the fence to get the right leverage to get the currant rootball. We got wiser with the abelia – a bit of vicious work with the axe and pruning saw. Late in the afternoon Robin called me over to see if I thought it might come out – he'd just sawed through yet another 12cm diameter root and couldn't get much movement. Standing downhill I was able to push it over with my foot – being at just the right angle.

Tomorrow we collect our trees and fill in the holes

Today I planted a black genoa fig in the front garden, and protected it with a tree guard just in case.

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