What CatoGardenFarm means to me

It means being able to have some of the best fruit and veg I ever expect to eat.

It means a certain security – when I was working on a contract basis and knew there would be a break in my pay over summer we planned and planted a generous vegie garden and ate so well it was luxury.

It means a connection to the earth that comes from sitting and observing, of learning the patterns as they emerge and change from season to season.

It means a place of life, a greeting from the animals as I open the back door and an invitation to spend a while with them.

It means a place I can make decisions and plans, and then work with what the weather brings.

It is a place for the whole family – each in their own way.

It means joy in seeing a seed germinate and grow into a thing of beauty.

It means a pleasure from hard physical work and a happy tiredness at the end of a long day’s labour.

It means experimentation and play and wondering ‘what would happen if…?’ and then finding out!

It means generosity and sharing as there are only so many lemons one household needs.

It means learning and patience and pleasure and excitement.

It means the world.

2 thoughts on “What CatoGardenFarm means to me

  1. Beautiful.  I wish that I could write as poetically about my life as you have about your garden.

  2. yes beautifully said, PR.  it sounds as if you are well connected to CGF and find it re-energising and spiritually 're-balancing'.