Week Ending March 6th

End of Jar Gathering moving into Jar Filling and Storage

Preserving – 10 jars yellow tomato chutney (homegrown yellow toms), 15 jars crushed tomatos, 7 jars salsa – last two from 2x10kgs boxes.


Prepped spots for more brassicas to be planted out – C6. under clothesline and side of driveway.

Gathered a very short sweetcorn harvest – really has been hopeless but we will get one feed out of it. The trees in Mary’s garden are shading C6 more than I thought so if we plant sweetcorn again, it needs to be in C1.2.3 I think.

Weeded some space in C0 but more work to be done – the residual chives need to come out.

We are getting another flush of strawberries, ans still picking up on average 2-3 kilos pears per day from under the tree.

Apples are nearly ready.

scarlet runner beans doing well.

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