Just a little bit of progress!

* photos to come once I figure out the visual editor stuff and make it work again.

18/19 June

  • established new pink eye potato bed – C9 using Poly carpet underlay from the second floor (we found a sewing machine bobbin in one roll identifying the source) and horse manure bagged by the Connect students as a fund raiser. So a Poly Potato Patch.underlay
  • planted broadbeans in C5 in back half.
  • Planted Up to Date potatos in O1/O2/O3 under the fruit trees in the orchard in wire circles. They should be relatively protected from frost there for an early crop.
  • Started the 'under the clothesline' redevelopment.
  • Gathered two huge trailer loads of hessian carpet underlay from work on Thursday night. Hooray for scavenging. Although it did rather look like we were rolling bodies wrapped in blankets down the back nature strip in the dark. No-one called the police though.
  • Moved C8 (previous strawberry bed) slightly uphill and re-edged. This now fits better in the space between the chook shed and nashi pear tree. Strawberries from there were removed and most are still awaiting re-planting. With this cool weather I'm hoping they'll cheerfully sit jumbled in on top of each other in the large tubs until next weekend. I trimmed and potted up about 50 already. Once they've settled we'll plant out into the front garden.
  • Carpet underlay rolled down the access path through the raspberries

11/12/13 June – Queens Birthday Long Weekend

  • Established blueberry patch where old chook shed and grapevine were.
  • Moved 3 Blueberries from C8, planted out 2 from pots loitering near the deck, and 3 new ones. Top 5 are Brigitta, 2 are Blue Rose and 1 Blue Crop. Tucked in along the edge, some oregano and a chamomile. All berries got tree guards to save them from frost. It would appear that blueberries curl up their toes at being in the main frost pathway of our garden. I'd rather not count up how many we've killed. Let's just focus on the better location shall we?
  • Planted from top to bottom Peach – Redhaven, Nectarine – Fantasia, Peach – Elberta, on side of driveway.
  • Garlic along inside edge of C3 Snowpeas in S2 Now on the right side fence we have, from top to bottom S1 Sweet peas (self seeded from last year), S2 Snow Peas Melting Mammoth, S3 and S4 Green Peas – Greenfeast
  • Planted Apricots 2 Moorpark and 1 Tilton (furthest from gate) over the back fence.
  • Bought a Black Genoa Fig to go in the front garden. Despite leaving it in the pot I have not killed it yet! (proving my track record wrong)
  • Planted out about 20 strawberries in the front garden in gaps.
  • I think it was this weekend I tucked about four more brassica seedlings into C6 and C0. We lost a few plants to aphid overload and their apparent hatred of mushroom compost. These were some of the 'random red brassicas' I got as a freebie in early autumn and had potted on in the greenhouse to fill gaps.

Preserving 18/19 June

  • 18 jars savoury applesauce from all our own apples. Still more on the trees to eat and preserve
  • 7 jars fig jam (10 mins at 15psi in the pressure cooker to get the runty little end of season ones soft enough to make jam)
  • 7 jars caramelised onion (once cooked down equivalent of half a kilo of onions each!!!!)
  • 4 jars meat balls in tomato – a number#20 jar holds enough meatballs for the three of us, just needs more tomato and other veg to turn it into a meal.

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