A Jar a Day

This week I have been grateful for the stash of jars under the house in the garage.

The preserving tally runs at over 370 jars or packets of stuff. Which means using about 1 jar a day through the year. I’ve turned it into a bit of a joke with myself – going ‘garage shopping’.

This week I have used:

  • frozen roasted capsicum pieces as part of a onion, tomato, capsicum thing to go with polenta and lamb cutlets
  • nectarines on the porrridge this morning
  • tomato puree last night in spag bol sauce
Part of the Stash

Part of the Stash: the left hand side

And this week I have bottled 8 jars of pink jam (strawberry & rhubarb). The ginger and lime pickle will be decanted into smaller jars this weekend.

Net result + 5 + ? jars

And knowing that:

  • the capsicums were bought at roughly 1/3 the price they are now fresh, or 1/10th of the price ready grilled, and formed a fun project for a couple of hours grilling and peeling. Doing 4 kilos at once is quicker work than a couple of capsicums at a time, many times over. They are like red gold in the freezer.
  • the tomatoes came from a farm on Boyer Rd, and taste of summer. To get the same flavour from a shop now we’d probably be eating imported italian tinned ones.
  • the nectarines came from Campania. I think they taste better bottled almost, and no prep is required at 7 in the morning.
  • this is also changing food shopping patterns in the house.
  • If we can’t be naffed cooking dinner, there’s a few prepped meals in jars – not even any defrosting needed. My next experiment is going to be soup in jars. Potato and leek Or minestrone Or chicken and veg…

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