Pig, Pig, Glorious Pig

I think we may have enough bacon now. At least for a week or two. And a wee bit of ham on the side. And a couple of pots of pea & ham soup in the pipeline. And some smoked chorizo for flavourbursts.

Assorted To-Be-Smoked bits

Assorted To-Be-Smoked bits L-R Back Row: Thyme Bacon, Maple Bacon, Leg Ham, Hock. Hiding: Brined bacon (2 small squares) Middle: Fennel/Caraway Bacon, Mum's Herb Bacon, Shoulder Ham. Front Row: Hock, Mum's Gammon, Mum's Dry cure Bacon, Hock.

Fully loaded smoking set up

Fully loaded smoking set up 5 sorts of bacon, plain brined hocks, gammon, leg and shoulder ham, chorizo went on later.


Mid- Smoking

Mid- Smoking

Adding more Chips

Adding more Chips We rotated the meats around the bbq to make sure heat was more evenly distributed.


Finished Smoking #1

Finished Smoking #1 On Top: Mum's Herb Bacon, Under Clockwise from Left - Gammon, Mum's dry cure bacon, My brined bacon

Finished Smoking #2

Finished Smoking #2 Clockwise from top: Shoulder ham, Thyme Bacon, Hock, Maple Bacon (under), Brined Bacon.

Finished Smoking #3

Finished Smoking #3 Two hocks, chorizo sausages, leg ham.



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