Girls Moving House

The chickens are finally in their new shed. As the dark fell tonight we watched some of them figure out the ramp up to their nesting area. And others just got up on top of the lid. Yes, talking about you Goldie and Cinnamon. This is despite me clipping their wings to cut down on their flying this morning.

Girls in the new shed finallyGirls in the new shed finally #2Ready and waiting for the chickens

Ready for chickens

Milly testing out the hay - approved!Nesting/ Roosting boxCutting the legs to size

Today the doors went on, the nesting/roosting box went in, and a bale of hay and some scattered grain welcomed the chickens to their new home.

The new shed was a major project for our house – Robin, Zac and I spent a lot of Easter with Ross and Glen helping and advising tirelessly, Ross’s concrete mixer and Andrew’s mitre saw worked hard, Andrea and Bill donated timber and helped with finishing touches today, Anita ordered concrete fixings, the guys at Uptons cut timber to size and tied stuff onto the roofracks for me, and the tip shop had some bargain timber and the perfect base for the nesting box.

There is some more to do, but the girls are now in and we can tackle the finishing touches each weekend.

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