Apple experiments

Magic apple tool

Magic apple tool

This will be the first year I turn my hand to preserving apples. I know you can buy apples for a lot of the year thanks to cold storage, but we are going to see how useful some jars of stewed apples are in mid-winter to quickly rustle up desserts. During the apple season we will easily eat 4 kilos a week between the three of us.

Never having done this before, my interest was piqued by Sally Wise’s apple and apricot charts. And there are more varieties both grown my garden and available at the farmer’s market, so I have some additions and annotations based on initial experiments.

I purchased a range of apples at the Farm Gate market to test out, and also picked more from the garden. Thus expanding our possibles to:

  1. Fuji (Cato)
  2. Gala (Cato)
  3. Pink Lady (Cato)
  4. Jonagold (Purchased, ours ripened weeks ago)
  5. Jazz (Purchased from the corner store)
  6. Mutsu (Purchased)
  7. Granny Smith (Purchased, ours not ready yet)
  8. Democrat (Purchased)
  9. Golden Delicious (Purchased)
L- R: Golden Delicious, Democrat, Granny Smith

L- R: Golden Delicious, Democrat, Granny Smith

So far we think:

Jazz are blah, we don’t like them. Granny Smith went to mush too quickly for my liking. Democrats I am now keen to get as an eating apple, but didn’t like them dried. They kept their shape well when cooked

Dried Apples Elimination Contestants

Dried Apples Elimination Contestants: Based on tried and tested Masterchef approaches, I went for a top three and bottom three. Clear winners - Mutsu and Jonagold. Mid field - Golden Delicious - Fuji (no pic). Blah - Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Democrat.

For drying – our Fujis are spectacular, Jonagolds and Mutsu are equal second, Golden Delicious are great too.

For stewing – Fujis, Jonagolds, Mutsu and Golden Delicous.

After preserving

After preserving: L- R: Mutsu, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Democrat, Granny Smith, Jonagold

Before Preserving

Before Preserving: L - R: Granny Smith, Democrat, Mutsu, Fuji, Golden Delicious


The Pink Ladys and Galas from the garden are wonderfully juicy. Mutsus have been disappearing into bags for lunches this week at a fast rate of knots.


We might experiment with storing some wrapped in paper under the house and see how they fare.


There are many more varieties to try out! But I didn’t order a Mutsu tree :-(   Maybe next year… I’m sure we have room for more.


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