new girls on the block – Pepper, Jet and Salt


L- R: Pepper, Jet and Salt

Well, we hope they are girls! Normally people stick to a new skirt or a magazine as an impulse purchase. At CatoGardenFarm we prefer chickens.

I’m a sucker for pekin bantams – they scratch well in the garden but don’t disturb huge tracts of ground, they forage well, and seem to have personalities. Our grown-up black pekins are known as “The Witches”, and there are three of them. Two were named after the aunts from Sabrina, Teenage Witch. And another two were named Clancy and Pepper, but we can’t really tell them apart so they share a name. Except for Cry-Baby who has a distinctive voice. There was another witch but she recently died of old age and is now fertilising the newly planted cumquat tree. Let’s meet the babies…

Pepper is the largest mottled pekin bantam, she is a week or so older and taller.

Salt is the smaller mottled pekin bantam. She has larger patches of white.

Jet is the smallest of the three and is basically black with a hint of white feathers on her head. She may develop more speckle as she moults and grows new feathers.

They came from Debbie in Kingston who had a beautiful assortment of mottled, gold, lavender and black pekins and a few other breeds as well. They new girls are about 8-10 weeks old and are now snuggled up overnight in a bed of dried grass in one of the portable pens under the top Moorpark apricot.

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One thought on “new girls on the block – Pepper, Jet and Salt

  1. these girls will make a lovely installation in the new resort style accommodation being prepared for them! I love the description of all the names you have given them, especially the ones who share a name because you can’t tell them apart.