Regatta Day Compost

Today we emptied the first batch from our compost tumbler (our Xmas treat to each other). It was made on Dec 27th and has been read to use for about 10 days. So a lot quicker – at the same time we made two piles, one in a black plastic bin, the other in the cardboard box the tumbler came in. All the same ingredients but the tumbler and black bin got more added water. The tumbler obviously got tumbled, whereas the others just sat. The box bin dried out too much but the middle was looking good. The black bin was about 80% done, but some dry patches so needs a bit more processing.
The tumbler compost went on the back of C5 after a quick weed. Also some lined up for the cherry trees in the front yard.
Today: into the tumbler – an oldish pile from the bin near the strawberries to finish it off – it’s had stuff added over time so next as blended as could be best, then the compost from the black bin made in Dec. All mixed together and watered. Be interesting to see how quickly that is ready.
Filled two black bins with a mix of chicken shed litter, grass clippings, rabbit hutch straw and comfrey.

Enough about compost!
Yesterday we finished the major weed on the front yard. Even the gravel path got a going over. Dug a few carrots from c2 and weeded in there as well. Really pleased with size of carrots this year. Beans are doing well, climbing ones are best. Kentucky are just coming into production and think I like those more than purple king and the other runner beans I planted. The wax bush beans just have had too much competition from volunteer potatos.
Mowed and whipper snippered today and everything is looking more orderly. We have apumpkin over the back fence about 20-25cm across, the Turks Turban one from HKG. Waltham Butternut has one hopeful tiny one- about 8cm long at present. A good water should help them along.
PLanted lawn seed in the patch behind the chicken shed near the fence.
Picked zucchinis and small golden nugget pumpkins.
Put cardboard under pumpkin vines beside diveway to make it easier to mow around them.
Time to figure out winter vegies. Broccoli, Cauli and Cabbage seedlings in greenhouse while i figure out a planting plan. Scattered random parsnip seed from the patch I let go to seed so that I got fresh seed.

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