Open Garden Review

We had a ball opening up our garden recently for the West Hobart Environment Network people. On a perfectly sunny Sunday morning, about 15-20 people traipsed down the driveway and through to the backyard where we talked about fruit trees, vegies, chooks, rabbits, compost, worms, ground covers in orchards and more. We had done a bit of prep over previous weekends – taking a load of greenwaste to the tip which had been hanging around for a while, and also did some general tidy up. Both sets of grandparents came and lent a hand too – couldn’t have done it without you!! The garden is still displaying the benefits of the attention.

 Prep for an Open Garden

  • Put some balloons on the open gate with a sign so passers-by can join in if they want
  • Get a list of fruit tree varieties and keep it outside for referring to, including how old various tree are. Tony, if you’re reading, our second quince is a De Vrajna ;-)
  • Dig out some comfrey roots to give away
  • Also have the name of the chicken waterer suppliers  – Bellsouth in Victoria if anyone is interested
  • Pick some lemons for people to take away
  • Have the Council regs about sheds etc available as many people were interested in that. Our chook shed is very carefully just under the max roof size on purpose.
  • Dig up more of the dahlia tubers to give away. I swear the more I dig them up, the more there are.
  • Gather together some ‘before’ and ‘in progress’ photos from earlier iterations of the garden
  • Take some photos of people in the garden on the day too!

I would try and set up a demo of the soil blocking tools and materials.

One day we’ll get the front garden in order and can include that in the tour.

Open Garden Sunday August 12

We’ve volunteered ourselves to be part of the West Hobart Environment Network’s Open  Garden Day next weekend.
So I’m dressed in my gardening clothes and about to head outside and tidy up the place a bit.
Want to come and have a look? Here’s the promo email.

Dear WHEN members and supporters

The daffodils are out and the daphne is filling the West Hobart streets with perfume.

You are invited to shake off the winter blues and come and visit some lovely gardens in West Hobart. See how your neighbours are dealing with the challenges of home fruit and vegie growing, get some tips and enjoy a chat with fellow gardeners. Maybe go home with some cuttings or plants! Gardens with sections for native plants will also be included.

Five West Hobart gardeners will be “at home” to neighbours on Sunday 12 August 2012. The day will be divided into morning (10.00 – 12.30) and afternoon (2.00 – 4.00) sessions, with three gardens open in the morning, two in the afternoon.

This open day is organised by WHEN’s Gardening and Food group (GAF), and is inspired by the highly successful “Gardening with the Bush” Garden Tour which was organised by Sustainable Living Tasmania some years ago. To respect the generosity of our generous gardener hosts, people planning to visit will need to register with GAF. You will then be sent a copy of the day’s schedule, with addresses and times.

To register for the Winter Gardens Tour, email or phone Margaret on 6231 4751 .